Viking Sewer and Drain Cleaning Services

Twin Cities Sewer & Drain Cleaning Company Specializes in the following:

Bradley Tubs

Found in machine shops, schools, and industrial manufactures. It is a half sink where you stand on a lever that lets water wash over your hands. This is a small line that goes directly to your main line. If your business has a clogged Bradley tub contact us today to have one of our expert Minneapolis drain cleaners out to service your Bradley tub line.

Clogged Bathroom Sink

Bathroom sinks are small lines that run to the main line. The usual obstructions that cause bathroom sinks clogs are: soap buildup, grease, and hair. The best drain cleaners in Minneapolis have even pulled larger foreign objects like rags and razor blades from clogged bathroom sink lines. If you have a slow bathroom sink, contact Viking Sewer and Drain Cleaning Service today.

Clogged Bathtub Drains

Bathtub drains are small drains that empty in to the main line. Soap and grease and hair are most often the reasons for bathtub clogs. If you have a plugged bathtub drain contact us and one of our drain cleaners will set up a appointment to clear your clogged bathtub drain.

Clogged Shower Drains

Showers have small lines that run to the main line. Hair, soap and grease, are often the causes of slow shower drains. Our best in the Twin Cities drain cleaners will work to get the largest blade to clean this line to the main line. If you have a clogged shower drain contact us and one of our Minneapolis sewer cleaners will respond with immediate assistance.

Drain cleaning Clogged Toilets

Facing a backed-up toilet? Don't worry! Our reliable St. Paul/Burnsville drain cleaners are here to provide swift assistance. While it may seem amusing, we've successfully extracted various items from clogged toilets, including potatoes, cell phones, tape measures, underwear, toothbrushes, dentures, wedding rings, newspapers, toys, and eyeglasses. While most people are aware of what shouldn't be flushed down the drain, it's worth mentioning some reminders: Avoid flushing dental floss, q-tips, feminine products, wet wipes, and moist towelettes. For more on this, read our blog post "Can I Flush This?" If you encounter a clogged toilet, get in touch with our professional Minneapolis drain cleaners to effectively eliminate your plumbing woes!

Clogged Floor Drains

Floor drains play a crucial role in channeling waste water to the main line. Unfortunately, floor drain backups often occur due to the accumulation of grease, kitchen sink debris, laundry tub debris, or even shower/bathtub drain blockages. At our Minneapolis/Maple Grove sewer cleaning service, we specialize in efficiently cleaning floor drains throughout the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. Using powerful augers with the largest blades available, we ensure that your clogged floor drain lines are completely clear of any obstructions. Check out our service areas by clicking here, or contact our Minneapolis drain cleaners now to schedule a floor drain cleaning session

Frozen lines

Prepare for the freezing temperatures of Minnesota winters by addressing the issue of frozen drain lines. When frost reaches the pipe level and water remains stagnant in your pipes for extended periods, it can freeze inside your drain line. This problem commonly affects main lines, kitchen sink lines, and any exposed lines. Traditional cabling methods are ineffective against frozen lines. Instead, our Minneapolis/Maple Grove drain cleaners utilize the powerful High-Pressure Water Jetter to effortlessly break through the ice blockages. With our expertise and specialized equipment, we can effectively treat frozen lines. Reach out to us today to request a quote for this essential service.

Garbage disposals

Are you dealing with frustrating garbage disposal clogs? These clogs often occur when large or hard food items are processed through the disposal unit. Garbage disposals are designed to handle food of spaghetti sauce consistency without any meat. To prevent garbage disposal clogs, it's recommended to dispose of larger food objects in the trash instead. However, if you're already facing a backed-up garbage disposal, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our professional St. Paul drain cleaners are here to provide expert assistance and resolve your garbage disposal problems efficiently.

Grease traps

Grease traps are vital components commonly found in restaurants, with larger ones occasionally located outside the premises. Interior grease traps typically hold around 50 to 80 gallons, while exterior grease traps can have capacities of up to 1500 gallons. Our professional Twin Cities drain cleaners specialize in thorough interior grease trap cleaning. Our process involves extracting all grease, liquids, and solids, followed by meticulous scraping to remove any accumulated debris. To ensure optimal functionality, our technicians conduct water testing on the lines. We highly recommend scheduling grease trap cleaning during off-peak business hours. Don't hesitate to contact our experienced Minneapolis/Elk River drain cleaners today to arrange a grease trap cleaning session for your establishment.

High Pressure Water Jetting

Our dedicated team of professional Drain Cleaners are highly skilled in the use of high-pressure water jetting techniques to effectively clear and unclog drains and pipes. By employing advanced High-Pressure Water Jetting technology, we can swiftly eliminate grease and other debris from your pipes, directing it to the city sewer line. Our Viking technicians specialize in clearing clogged drains, sanitary lines, manholes, and sewers. With the capability to clean sewer lines of up to 6" diameter, using 3000 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) and up to 10 gallons of water per minute, our high-pressure water jetting service is exceptionally powerful. This high-pressure method enables our technicians to tackle scale buildup, grease, ice (frozen lines), and long sewer lines effectively. Unlike traditional cabling methods, high-pressure water jetting not only unblocks obstructions but also thoroughly cleans the drain, reducing the chances of foreign objects causing future blockages. Contact us today to speak with one of our knowledgeable Minneapolis/Brooklyn Center sewer cleaners and learn more about our comprehensive High-Pressure Water Jetting services.

Inside main line

The inside main line refers to the section of the main line located within your home or business. At our Minneapolis/Ramsey drain cleaning service, our expert technicians excel in identifying access points to the inside main line and utilizing our advanced sewer cleaning machines to efficiently remove any blockages within this crucial line. In certain cases, our Minneapolis sewer cleaners may need to remove a toilet to gain access to the line. Employing the largest possible blade, our drain cleaning team will ensure that main line clogs are completely eliminated. Don't hesitate to contact us today to schedule a main line cleaning in the Minneapolis area and its surrounding Twin Cities regions

Kitchen Sinks Lines

Kitchen sink lines play a crucial role in plumbing systems as they transport wastewater from the kitchen to the main line. These small lines often pass by a floor drain before reaching the main line. In the case of longer kitchen sink lines, dips or sags can develop, creating areas where grease, soap, and food particles tend to accumulate. At our Rogers drain cleaning service, our skilled technicians utilize the largest blades available to thoroughly clear any obstructions in the kitchen sink lines. For heavily greasy kitchen sink clogs, our Minneapolis/St. Anthony sewer cleaners employ our powerful High Pressure Water Jetter to effectively clear the blockage. If you're experiencing a slow kitchen sink or a clogged kitchen sink, don't hesitate to contact us. Our expert Minneapolis sewer cleaners are ready to assist you in swiftly resolving the issue.

Main line cleaning

The main line drain serves as the central drainage system for both homes and businesses. Unfortunately, it's often overlooked by homeowners until a sewer backup occurs. At Viking Sewer, our skilled Minneapolis/Plymouth drain cleaners specialize in auguring the main line, ensuring its smooth flow to either the city sewer or the home's septic system. Our experienced Minneapolis/Plymouth sewer cleaners effectively eliminate tree roots, grease buildup, and even foreign objects from the main line. It's important to note that a clogged main line can impact all other drain lines, leading to significant stress, potential health hazards, and property damage if left unattended. With our Twin Cities sewer cleaners' expertise in clearing main line blockages in any residential or commercial property, you can trust us to handle the task efficiently. Contact us today to schedule a main line cleaning and restore the optimal functionality of your drainage system.

Preventative Maintenance Plans

At our Minneapolis/Shakopee drain cleaning service, we offer customized and comprehensive preventative maintenance plans for the drain lines in your home or business. These plans are specifically tailored to address the unique needs of your property. By proactively addressing outstanding drain line issues, our preventative maintenance plans are designed to prevent costly sewer backups from occurring. For instance, if you've experienced tree root intrusion in your main line in the past, we can establish a timely plan to ensure that any regrowth of tree roots is effectively managed, preventing them from causing expensive and messy sewage backups. In the case of businesses, such as restaurants, we can set up routine preventative maintenance for specific lines prone to blockages, such as grease traps, floor drains, and main lines. Each of our Sewer Preventative Maintenance Plans is customized to suit the individual needs of your building. Don't hesitate to contact us and have one of our experienced Minneapolis/St. Paul sewer cleaners set up a tailored plan for your home or business.

Rooter service

Experience outstanding Rooter service provided by our skilled St. Paul/Andover sewer cleaners. With the help of advanced sewer machines, we efficiently eliminate blockages that might affect the drain lines in your home or business. Discover the difference our professional team can make for your drain system in Minneapolis/St. Paul and the surrounding metro area. Don't wait, contact us today to schedule an appointment and ensure optimal performance for your drains.

Slow drains

Is your drain running slow? Don't ignore it! Slow drains can be a sign of underlying issues like dips, partial blockages, vent problems, or a buildup of scale, hair, grease, or foreign objects. Ignoring the problem could lead to a future backup. Trust our expert St. Paul/Zimmerman drain cleaners to effectively clean your slow drains using advanced sewer cleaning equipment. Contact us today for fast and immediate service to prevent further complications.

Tree Roots

Discover efficient tree root removal services provided by our dedicated Minneapolis Drain Cleaning Technicians. With a specialization in tackling tree root issues, we serve Minneapolis and the surrounding areas. Tree roots have a natural affinity for water, which makes drain lines an ideal target. These infiltrating roots can grow and thrive, leading to blockages and sewage backups. Ignoring these root problems can result in severe consequences, including slow-running drains, backups, and costly line breakages. Our experienced St. Paul/Bloomington sewer cleaners utilize specialized blades to effectively cut through tree roots in the line.

To prevent tree root problems proactively, we highly recommend implementing a preventative maintenance schedule. This ensures the regular removal of growing tree roots from your drain line, reducing the likelihood of future backups. For detailed information on our Preventative Maintenance Plans, click here. Additionally, we offer comprehensive video inspections of drain lines after cleaning to identify potential line breaks. For expert assistance and further details, contact our knowledgeable Minneapolis/Maple Grove drain cleaners today.

Trench Drains

Trench lines, also known as trough lines, play a crucial role in leading to an oil separator. Over time, dirt, oil, and mud can accumulate in these lines, requiring high-pressure water jetting to effectively remove them and direct them to the oil separator. In cases where the separator tank is full, it will need to be promptly pumped out. To maintain optimal performance, we recommend cleaning your trenches on a weekly basis or as needed, depending on the frequency of line use. After the separator is pumped out, it is essential to have our Minneapolis drain cleaners clean the trench lines to ensure thorough cleaning and proper functionality. For more information, reach out to us, and one of our knowledgeable St. Paul/Otsego drain cleaners will be ready to clean your trench lines.

Video Inspection

Our highly trained St. Paul/Arden Hills drain cleaners specialize in video inspections of your sewer lines. We employ this advanced technique when there are indications of issues beyond typical blockages. If you suspect a break in your line, we strongly recommend a video inspection to eliminate any uncertainty. By using state-of-the-art video technology, our St. Paul/Arden Hills sewer cleaners can assess the condition of your line and provide valuable recommendations on how to proceed. Rest assured that our mission is to prioritize your best interests, not ours. We do not pressure you into unnecessary or expensive repairs, including line replacements. Contact us today to consult one of our experienced Minneapolis/St. Paul video inspectors and gain further insights.

Waste Interceptor

A waste interceptor serves as a crucial tank for separating sewage, mud, and debris. Over time, water passing through these lines can cause oil, grease, sand, and dirt to accumulate and potentially lead to blockages. Regular pumping is necessary to remove these materials. To ensure easy accessibility, our knowledgeable Minneapolis/Maplewood sewer cleaners advise against placing large objects over the waste interceptor. For more information about waste interceptors and our services, please don't hesitate to contact us today.