How to Avoid Garbage Disposal Problems

Your garbage disposal is designed to grind and pulverize food particles so they can safely flow down your drain and prevent blockages. But, often times the disposal can become jammed, broken and clogged. The culprit of this is usually large food chunks that are not broken down by the blades of the disposal. So what can you do to keep your disposal working properly and prevent pesky and inconvenient backups.

Keep these items out of your garbage disposal:

  1. Stringy foods – Celery is a big culprit in this category! Stringy foods like this can cause the blades to be come stuck and jammed preventing them from working properly.
  2. Meat – both raw and cooked meat can be tough on the disposal. Never disgaurd bones in your disposal. Safely get rid of them in the trash.
  3. Grease – Many people think that pouring grease down the drain while simultaneously running hot water they are doing what they need to successfully get the grease properly to the end of the sewage system. But, over time the grease cools and thickens. After repeated grease dumping eventually the walls of your drains are coated in solidified grease build up which prevents everything else from going down the drain. This means you will likely have a sewer backup.
  4. Coffee Grounds – when these get dumped down the drain, they often stick to the walls leading to clogs!
  5. Egg Shells – A common item we find clogging disposal lines. We have even seen some home cleaning tips state that using egg shells can sharpen your disposal blades! We recommend skipping this do it yourself hack completely. A better way to dispose of egg shells would be to start a home compost pile that they egg shells can go into. Don’t have a green thumb – then just toss them in the trash.
  6. Trash items – Plastic ties and pieces, staples, coins and other random small items can cause your disposal to become stuck and could also break the blades completely.

What you can do to protect your kitchen sink drains?

  1. Keep a trash bin or compost bin nearby while prepping and cooking meals. This will give you easy access to discarding items that are too big, or greasy for the disposal.
  2. Think of your disposal as a small child – only “feed it” small soft foods.
  3. Run water while disposing of anything down the garbage disposal. Continue the water stream for 15-30 seconds after you have turned the blades off. Doing this will help ensure everything is pushed out of the disposal and through the pipes to your main sewer line.

If your garbage disposal became stuck or clogged, contact our trained Twin Cities drain cleaners at Viking Sewer and Drain Cleaning to help clear the blockage and keep your system running smoothly!

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