Drain Cleaners Lost Ring Found After 13 Years

As drain cleaners we have received calls about important items mistakenly getting flushed down the toilet. Earrings falling down the sink drain. Rings flushed down the toilet. It happens more often than you would think. And, it can happen to anyone, even drain cleaners. 13 years ago our founders experienced flushing a ring down the toilet first hand. 13 years later it was found at the waste water treatment plant in Rogers, MN.

When Mary called Dave to say, “I need you to come pull the toilet, I flushed my ring!” They held onto hope that the ring would be safe. Dave pulled the toilet and ran sewer camera equipment down the line to see if it was still in the drain line. With the ring no where in sight, Mary and Dave figured the ring was lost forever. Until the Met Council made a social media post saying a ring was found at the Rogers, MN waste treatment plant, and they were searching for the owner.

This began a search for photos of Mary wearing the ring she lost so long ago. Photos were submitted to the Met Council, and the wait for news of the ring’s owner began. The Met Council received hundreds of inquiries about lost rings. After several weeks of waiting the Met Council contacted Mary and told her the ring that was found was hers! “It is like winning the lottery!” the rep from the Met Council said.

Though this is not a typical ending to flushed ring stories, it is a very fun happy ending for our very own Mary and Dave! Check out their story here!

A special thank you to all the people who helped return the ring. And, for giving us all hope that what is lost, can be found!



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