8 Tips To Keep your Grease Trap Clean

Keeping Commercial Grease Traps Clean

Keeping your restaurants grease trap clean is imperative to keep it working properly. When not properly maintained grease and food particles can leak into the drainage system, this leads to the grease building up in the pipes causing untimely clogs, and sewer backups.

If you have ever worked at a restaurant with a grease trap you likely know the importance of having a good preventative maintenance plan in place to ensure that untimely backups don’t happen during your prime serving hours! If you have been working when a dirty grease trap caused plumbing issues, you likely know the terrible smell that comes along with it! The majority of guests prefer their meal not be combined with the smell of rotting food, and sewage! This is why it is so important to clean grease traps on a regular basis, ideally every 2 to 3 months.

8 Tips You Can Follow to Keep Your Grease Trap Clean
To cut down how often you need to have your grease trap cleaned,

  1. Set up a weekly cleaning schedule with your team, by having someone clean the grease machines under your restaurant sinks. This will help prevent the amount of grease that can reach your trap.
  2. Empty grease containers before they are completely full to prevent overflows.
  3. Check the grease control device regularly.
  4. Wipe and dry dishes to remove grease before washing in the sink or dishwasher.
  5. Clean grease spills with absorbent material and then dispose of in the garbage.
  6. Never empty grease or food particles from a deep fryer into a sink or floor drain. This will prevent these drains from excessive build up, that can cause additional backups.
  7. Collect and empty grill scrapings and fryer vat grease into a grease recycling container.
  8. Do not pour excess food or liquid food (for example: dairy products, milk shake syrup, batters, gravy, or dressings) down any drain.

By utilizing these tips and having a regular preventative maintenance schedule you can prevent having untimely backups at your restaurant ever again. Contact our trained technicians for a Free Estimate on setting up a preventative maintenance plan for your restaurant today.

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