6 Drain Tips for 4th of July Weekend

One of the best ways to celebrate our Independence day is by inviting over friends and family for a good old fashion party! Throw some hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill, cut up some watermelon and enjoy the 4th of July fireworks all weekend long!

Hosting a group of people at your home, also means your bathroom will be frequently used, your sink will always be running, and your garbage disposal will be working overtime!

Not to worry though! Viking Sewer and Drain Cleaning is here to help with some plumbing and drain tips to make sure your home is ready for your company.

Tips For the Kitchen

  • Don’t toss too many food scraps into the garbage disposal. Overworking your garbage disposal could potentially cause a kitchen sink clog. Instead, toss the food scraps in the trash or a compost bin. Check out more garbage disposal tips here.
  • Avoid pouring grease, oil, and fat down the drain. These oils will solidify to the walls of the drain, restricting water flow.  Keep a can, or other vessel to collect excess oil and then dispose in the trash.
  • Freshen up your garbage disposal before and after the party! Sprinkle about half a cup of baking soda into your disposal, follow with 1 cup white or apple cider vinegar. Let this mixture bubble up and sit for 5 – 10 minutes. Turn on your disposal and run cold water to distribute the mixture and flush it through your drain lines.

Tips For the Bathroom

  • Declutter your bathroom counters. Small knickknacks, like Q-tips or cotton balls, could possibly cause a clog if dropped into the toilet, or sink. Keeping your bathroom space clutter free can ensure that your toilet is running smoothly before, during and after your party!
  • Know where your toilet shut off valve is. The 4th of July is full of “explosions!” If one should occur in the bathroom that causes your toilet to back up, knowing where the shut off valve is, will save the day! Typically located under the toilet tank, this emergency option can stop an overflowing toilet from starting a flood.
  • Leave a garbage bin in the bathroom. Flushing paper towels, napkins, tissues, or tampons can create a clog in the toilet. So be sure your guests of a garbage to dispose of their non-flushable items.

Do not let plumbing problems spoil your fun this 4th of July. If drain issues do occur, Viking Sewer is here to help.

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