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Sewer and Drain Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Minneapolis / St. Paul Sewer & Drain Cleaning Company

Here are some common plumbing and sewer cleaning questions our Minneapolis Drain Cleaners come across on a day to day basis. If you have questions, please contact us, we are happy to help you with common questions over the phone.

Q. What can I do on a regular basis to keep my drains from clogging?
A. For kitchen sinks and laundry tub lines: fill up the sink with hot water and let it drain. This fills the pipe instead of just hitting the bottom of the line; and it pushes any debris to the main line. If you have a problem that keeps returning, you may have a bigger blockage, in that case contact us, and we will send one of our trained Minneapolis drain cleaners to clear the line.

Q. Are there any products that you should regularly put in your drains for maintenance?
A. Hot water. Our expert technicians recommend not using chemical cleaners in your lines as these harsh acids and chemicals can lead to more problems for your drain line in the long run. They can be a temporary fix, that leads to a larger problem. Our St. Paul sewer cleaners can set up a preventative maintenance schedule on your lines using our professional cables and augurs.

Q. Why do Tree Roots get into a sewer line?
A. Tree roots are naturally attracted to water. Your drain line is not only a great source of water, but also nutrients that tree roots can thrive on. Roots need a very small crevice to sneak into your drain line where they can grow, prosper, and cause home owners big headaches. Root masses quickly become clogged with toilet tissue, grease and other debris flowing from your home to the main sewer, this results in reduced flow, slow running drains and in most cases a complete blockage which can cause other drains in your home to backup. Once you know there is tree root problem in your line, (usually a back up occurs to discover this) it is best to set up a regular preventative maintenance plan. This can be once a year, or every 6 months depending on how severe your tree root problem is. Our trained Minneapolis/Elk River drain cleaners do their best to prevent you from having a messy back up by setting up these plans with you. Setting up a preventative maintenance plan will save you time, money and prevent messy sewer backups.

Q. If I have a mound septic system, what preventative maintenance do I need to do?
A. To help maintain your mound system do not put any dental floss, feminine products, or moist towellettes of any kind down the line. When needed our expert Minneapolis/ Rogers drain cleaners can use our high pressure water jetter to reopen the plugged holes in the mound system. Contact us for an quote.

Q. What is the best way to prevent build up of hair in your shower drain?
A. A drain drainer is a great tool for keeping hair from going down your drain. Place a strainer in the opening of the drain. You will want to be sure to clean the strainer regularly, this will help prevent hair and other debris from entering your shower drain. If you have standing water in your shower you may have a blockage further in the line. Contact us to have one of our Minneapolis/Coon Rapids drain cleaners for a quote on clearing any blockages in the line.

Q. Rid X or Liquid Drano – are these products I should be using in my lines?
A. It is best to not use liquid drain cleaners like Drano in your lines. These products are really only a temporary fix, and if they do not break down the clog they actually get trapped in your line causing acid erosion to the line itself. It is also very dangerous when these products are used then a drain cleaning technician uses their machine to clear the blockage. Drano is an acid – which can cause skin, eye, respiratory, and uniform damage. When these chemicals are used the cost of cleaning the line can go up – as it is more work for our technicians to properly and safely clean the line. Use them at your own risk. When in doubt contact us and one of our Minneapolis/Fridley drain cleaners can help you over the phone with other options that can better serve you.

Q. There is a funny smell coming from my; sink, floor drain, shower, laundry tub what should I do?
A. First check to see if the drain will take any water. If it does take water, let it sit for about 30 minutes to see if the smell goes away. If the water does not go down, contact us or call 763-428-2195 one of our St. Paul/Big Lake sewer cleaners can remove the blockage causing the problem.

Q. How do I eliminate the odor coming from my garbage disposal?
Foul odors can occur when there is a buildup of food debris in the disposal. To eliminate these odors, place ice cubes and citrus peals in the disposal, then run for 30 seconds. Next, pour 1 – 2 tbsp of liquid dish soap into the disposal while it is still running. Then, run cold water for about 1 minute to rinse all excess debris away. If you have other garbage disposal questions, contact us to have one of our Minneapolis/Lino Lakes drain cleaners assist you with any questions or concerns.