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To Drano, or Not to Drano

October 24, 2018

In the age of instant fixes it can be easy to get the urge to run to the grocery store, or even the dollar store to get a bottle of liquid drain cleaner for a quick, and what we think will be an “inexpensive” fix for your backed up toilet, sink, shower or tub. But, is this “inexpensive” way of clearing your drain really a good decision in the long run? Here is some quick reason why professional drain cleaners and professional plumbers strongly recommend never using these chemicals to fix your backed up drain.

  1. It can be explosive!
    Harmful chemicals can cause EXPLOSIONS in the bathroom! And, not the kind of explosion caused by that delicious Mexican dinner you had last night!

    The chemicals work by using sodium hydroxide, when this chemical combines in the water of your toilet it creates enough heat to melt grease clogs, and burn away hair. This means problem fixed right? Wrong, it can also cause cracks in your porcelain, and in some cases the mixture of chemicals can actually make the porcelain explode! This is not something most people anticipate happening, but it sure does turn into an expensive mess!

  2. Your Pipes can be damaged!
    Very similar to the hot sauce you added to that Mexican Dinner we discussed earlier, Drano and other chemical cleaners can chemically burn and eat away at your drain pipes, and there is NO amount of Tums that will ease the pain! When using these chemicals eventually the pipes both plastic and metal will begin to corrode, which can lead to expensive repairs and even complete replacements!

  3. Remember those Mr. Yuck Stickers! You’ll need them for these chemicals!
    Chemical drain cleaners are LOADED with harmful and toxic chemicals that are not safe for anyone, but especially kids, pets and those with breathing issues. A common ingredient in these products is lye. When you have direct contact with your skin lye can cause severe burns, and it can be deadly for pets and kids if they were to get access to them and drink them.

    Those with lung or breathing issues can experience adverse affects of these poisonous chemicals when they breath them in. If mixed with other cleaning chemicals they can even create a deadly combination!

  4. Negative affects on the Environment
    When flushed these chemicals go right into our water systems, and they are very harmful to our ecosystem. That lye chemical we mention above can really hurt wildlife when it is released back into the environment

So what should you do when you have a clogged drain line? Call Viking Sewer’s Professional Drain Cleaners who will use our specifically designed sewer cleaning machines to clear the clog away. If backups are a common occurrence our trained technicians can recommend a yearly or by-yearly ┬ápreventative maintenance plan that can help prevent clogs.