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To Drano, or Not to Drano

October 24,2018
In the age of instant fixes it can be easy to get the urge to run to the grocery store, or even the dollar store to get a bottle of liquid drain cleaner for a quick, and what we think will be an “inexpensive” fix for your backed up toilet, sink, shower or tub.

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How to avoid common Garbage Disposal Problems

October 10,2018
Your garbage disposal is designed to grind and pulverize food particles so they can safely flow down your drain and prevent blockages. But, often times the disposal can become jammed, broken and clogged.

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Keeping your Bathtub Drain Clean

September 26,2018
It has happened to the many of us, your standing in the bathtub taking a shower washing your hair when you look down and your standing in 5 inches of standing water.

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Can I Flush This?

September 4,2018
We have the answers to the questions you have been asking for years! To Flush or Not to Flush!

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8 Tips To Keep your Grease Trap Clean

September 12,2018
Keeping your restaurants grease trap clean is imperative to keep it working properly.

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